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Running Out Of Rain (Click cover for universal buy link to multiple stores)

 Eventually, all storms break for a little sunshine.  

Dr. Cynthia Ellender is devastated when her husband of thirty-three years dies from a sudden heart attack. A revelation at his funeral delivers a crushing blow to her self-esteem, and leaves her angry, edgy, and determined to leave Oklahoma for good. It turns out a move back to her hometown in south Louisiana is just the right prescription for the good doctor.    John Michael Ferguson has weathered some serious storms in his fifty-three years. At sixteen he lost a sister—at thirty-nine, a wife. Now, in a room full of forget-me-nots, his mother loses a little more of herself to Alzheimer's each day. A chance meeting with “Cyn” has the semi-retired businessman considering vacating his spot on the widower’s bench. Armed with questionable advice from his wise-cracking, seventy-seven year old father, he dives head-first into the dating world with his old classmate.    RUNNING OUT OF RAIN is a humorous, heart-warming, contemporary story that proves a relationship between two mature adults doesn’t have to exclude romance . . . or searing passion . . . or the heart-thumping excitement of new love.  

Hanging On To Hope (Click cover, etc.)

  Sometimes you need to lose all hope in order to find true strength...   Two years after losing his teenage daughter to Leukemia, Clay Andrews is still trying to recover. While attending his cousin’s wedding, he meets the bride’s beautiful younger sister, Allie, and can’t get her off his mind.   Allie Sarver is emotionally scarred from twenty years of marriage to a cheating and verbally abusive husband. Newly single and riddled with insecurities, the beauty salon owner can’t see herself trusting another man ever again. She can’t imagine why a man with Clay’s sexy good looks would show interest in a drab mother with two teenage daughters.   Clay is determined to make Allie see herself through his eyes. Just as they begin to forge a new relationship, his ex-wife returns from France, bearing a soul-crushing secret with the power to destroy his newfound happiness. Will Clay and Allie give up the fight, or will they find a way to hang on to the hope of a promising new relationship?   HANGING On To HOPE is another humorous, heart-wrenching story by LORI LEGER proving that relationships between two mature adults don’t have to exclude romance...or searing passion...or the heart-thumping excitement of new love.    

Settling For More - New Release!

   Sandra and Marshall Campion are free to enjoy their lives: trips to Belize, weekends at the beach house with friends, tailgating, and season passes to college football games. Their three children are grown and out of the house. Their oldest, Ella, is a successful Realtor and married to a family law attorney, but still harbors an irrational hatred for her younger sister, Maddie. Maddie dropped out of college at twenty to travel. Other than the occasional call or video chat, no one has seen her for nearly five years. Her arrival with a four-year-old daughter they knew nothing about, throws everyone off. The Campions fall in love with “Izzy”. The sibling rivalry between the two sisters rears its ugly head again. Is Ella's hatred for Maddie a matter of petty childhood issues or is there something deeper at the core of her resentment?  Tempers flare, landing one daughter in the hospital. Maddie leaves again, this time leaving behind two things: a note, and her child. Will Maddie return home, or will the new grandparents be forced to put their lives on hold to raise Izzy? “Settling for More” proves that growing older sometimes just marks the beginning of a couple’s ability to be bolder, rather than older, and better at loving.