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Full Circle Love (Click cover for universal buy link to multiple stores)

Four short stories about a couple, Cat and Zach, compiled into one delicious, enjoyable read.


LOVING CAT – After twelve years in Dallas, Cathryn “Cat” McDaniel is home with two successful careers under her belt, but minus one fiancé. Her first night home finds her in a close encounter with Zachary Ferguson, her best buddy since grade school, and the real reason she can’t commit to any other man.


STILL LOVING CAT – Zachary has waited over a decade for the only girl he's ever loved. Two weeks shy of the most important day of their lives, an accident has Cathryn waking in a hospital with no memory of anything that happened in the past year. It’s up to Zach to remind her of the love she couldn’t live without.  

BABY BLUES CHRISTMAS – Cathryn and Zach are juggling business and careers, breaking and entering, and the tough task of baby making. Throw in a little family drama and a dark secret and it makes for a memorable first Christmas together.


FULL CIRCLE SUMMER – Cathryn and Zachary have run the gamut of emotions when it comes to their relationship. From childhood acquaintances, to ‘friendship pacts’, one-sided love, suppressed feelings, ugly secrets, comas, and amnesia, they’re finally settled and happy. An unexpected twist has them facing the challenge of their lives.   

Christmas 911 (Click cover for buy link from The Wild Rose Press, Inc.)

When a Christmas trip takes a deadly turn, a 911 dispatcher offers assistance above and beyond.


Corinne Ritter's life changes drastically after she loses her husband twice in the same night. Several months later, the Texas native is en route to a family gathering early on Christmas Eve when an emergency shopping trip lands her in the middle of a robbery turned hostage situation. As circumstances deteriorate, she receives a shred of hope in the faceless presence of the 911 dispatcher she only “knows” by the soothing sound of his voice.

Luke Oliver is counting down to the end of his dispatch shift, anxious to begin his chillaxing tropical vacation. When a frantic caller asks for him, he has no idea it’s the faceless Cori he’s assisted on two prior occasions. He remains with her throughout the crisis, becoming her calming influence throughout the storm.

But will Luke be able to walk away when the time comes, or will this single 911 call change his life forever?

The Wild Rose Press, Inc.